web and mobile application development in cloud

Custom Software Development and Machine Learning Services

We offer innovative and creative solutions using the latest technologies and adhering to best practices for software development. Our low overheads, highly experienced staff, and technical competence allow us to deliver exceptional value for money.

Dalmet Technologies' technological expertise spans several platforms, languages, and databases. Deploying the latest technologies, we deliver solutions that offer high levels of consistency in quality, performance, and security.

web and mobile app development in cloud


  • Dalmet Technologies built our SaaS product Spraybooker.com from the ground up; Requirements, Architecture, Development, Deployment and ongoing support. We continue to depend on their timely response to feature requests and support issues and they go the extra mile to deliver for us on nights and weekends. We'd recommend Dalmet Tech for anyone who is looking for great AWS/Java-driven architecture solutions.

    spraybooker reference

    Heather Boss

    Product Owner & Founder of Spray Booker, LLC.

  • I was very impressed by Dalmet Technologies' technical ability and capabilities. Dalmet Technologies provides a great service for their cost. Our company is highly satisfied with the work of Dalmet Technologies, and we are willing to use the company's expertise again in the future. I can personally highly recommend their services.

    dazzledcars reference

    Scott Cairns

    CEO & Founder, Dazzled Cars

  • Dalmet Technologies developed and built our online web-based application, the backbone of our nonprofit program. They were very attentive and created strategies to address our concerns and challenges, always responding quickly. Their professional and responsive approach demonstrates their commitment to their customers.

    neweyes reference

    Jean Gajano

    Executive Director, New Eyes for the Needy

  • The Dalmet Tech team is second to none, the most reliable and rock solid engineers I've ever worked with. They thoroughly understand consumer products as well as deeply complex enterprise software, with particular and critical attention paid to architecture, anticipating challenges and scalability over the lifetime of your product.

    slyde reference

    Edward Ludvigsen

    Chief Creative Office & Co-founder, Slyde Inc.

  • Dalmet Technologies provided me with excellent service at a reasonable cost in the design and development of our mobile application. The team was very flexible in their ability to adopt to our fluid requirements and provided tools for seamless technical communication during the development life-cycle. I am very pleased with the service I have received and highly recommend Dalmet Technologies services.

    slyde reference

    Kojoe Yirenkyi

    CEO & Founder, Smash Technologies LLC.

  • The Dalmet Tech team has been a great partner for Metabob. They are by far the most reliable and efficient outsourcing group we have ever worked with and they have been a key on Metabob's success. They provide expertise in every area of the tech stack and I highly recommend them to everyone looking for high quality developers joining their team.

    slyde reference

    Massimiliano Genta

    CEO & Founder, Metabob Inc.

We build using trending technologies

Our Clients

  • BDO Australia
  • PwC Nederland
  • Metabob, Inc
  • Zappz Pty Ltd
  • New Eyes For The Needy, Inc
  • Spray Booker, LLC
  • Sedignex, Ltd
  • Economy Trucking, Inc
  • Slyde, Inc
  • Step, LLC
  • Smash Technologies, LLC
  • Some Spider, Inc

Our Work

fixed asset web app

Asset Accountant System

The asset accountant application is a web-based enterprise accounting software to track and manage Fixed, Leased & Hire Purchase Assets through every phase of the asset lifecycle. It also helps enterprises with forecasting expected depreciation. Other features include the creation of comprehensive journal for posting to General Ledger, calculation of gain/loss on a sale or CGT gain/loss, partial sale, split, hire purchase, refinance, bulk purchase, bulk sale, bulk transfer, bulk write-off, Excel import/export and more.

xkubed xbrl cloud app

XKUBED - XBRL Software

XKUBED is a cloud solution for financial reporting. XKUBED speeds up data consolidation, reporting, auditing, and monitoring. Dalmet Technologies enhanced the taxonomy report generation component of the XKUBED engine to detect XBRL dimensions and members in Dutch and Finnish XBRL instances. We made enhancements to the HTML/PDF report generation module to add support for Dutch and Finnish instances. We are actively working on porting several components of this application to use the latest technologies and architecture to improve scalability and overall performance of the system.

franchise and business tracka web app

Franchise and Business Tracka System

The franchise and business tracka is a web-based enterprise software. Its major modules include payroll, superannuation (pension program), BAS (business activity statement) /IAS (installment activity statement), HR Agreements, Contractors, Franchise Agreements, and Workcover policy. It supports managing schedules, reviewing and approving workflow, electronic signature, billing subscription using Chargify, and reminders & escalations. Its interactive dashboard provides a real-time view of upcoming deadlines and events, with drill-down for details.

payroll tracka web app

Payroll System

The payroll tracka system is a web-based enterprise time tracking and auditing system. The payroll tracka system allows for manually setting up employees personal details, employment information, and payroll information. It integrates seamlessly with the MYOB accounting software. The user can import employee records in MYOB excel format into the system. The system also allows for tracking time, copy time logs from previous weeks, and review of timesheets. It accurately calculates employee’s billable hours for payroll processing. It integrates seamlessly with the 'KeyPay Payroll' system for payroll processing.

voucher workflow management web app


New Eyes for the Needy is a non-profit organization founded in 1932 to provide prescription eyeglasses to U.S. residents in need, and to the disadvantaged in developing countries. Dalmet Technologies built an enterprise web-based application for organization's eyeglass voucher program. Other features include Online registration, user & agency management, REST APIs for Walmart Vision Center, Marvel Optics & other dispensers, electronic check generation, and voucher workflow management are combined with generating interactive, trackable, and printable reports.

appointment booking and payment processing web app


SprayBooker is a cloud-based management system for tanning salons that allows them to manage all aspects of their business. Its major features include appointment scheduling, manage employees, manage customer profiles, prevent no-shows with automated reminders, custom gift card generator, manage packages, manage memberships, inventory management, sell products, generate sales report, and securely process payments. Salon owners can choose a custom domain for their online Spraybooker website and customize every aspect of their business using easy-to-use control panel.

partner revenue sharing web app


Scary Mommy (#1 parent brand on Facebook) of Some Spider Studios, a media & entertainment company, produces content targeting moms, which generally focuses on parenting, motherhood, current events, and pop culture. Dalmet technologies built 'Scary Mommy Partner Portal' application that allows them to distribute their digital content links with their partners, track the traffic generated by each partner, track performance of digital content, track daily/monthly liabilities and payment. The portal also allows a partner to view trending/popular stories, track performance, revenue, and payment.

dispatch map and gps tracking web app


Economy Trucking services needed a new software platform and toolset to manage its vast fleet of trucks, operators, and jobs. Dalmet Technologies built a web administration tool and apps for iOS & Android platforms to allow the dispatcher to manage job assignments, track job status, track driver & equipment using GPS technology, and communication with drivers. The system integrates seamlessly with Dump Truck Software(DTS) desktop application to replicate job assignments and schedules from the database of Dump Truck Software in real time. It makes it easy for the drivers to accept jobs, upload documents, and communicate with the dispatcher.

member onboarding web app

STEP.COM - Member Onboarding Automation

Step.com is a single source platform built to eliminate the inefficiencies of online passive recruiting. Step.com crowdsources members' professional market value from real decision makers at companies, while keeping them anonymous the entire time. Dalmet Technologies designed and built custom data scraping tool that scrapes member's profile from the web, extracts useful education, career, and skill related information, transforms and feeds it into the Step.com database. We also designed and developed a series of tools to manage member profiles.

data analytic web app


Menu Econsolution is a web-based data analytics platform that aids in mitigating the restaurant industry’s high failure rates through real-time benchmarking. It generates and tracks individual restaurants' daily key performance data from the Point of Sales (POS) system, such as customer flow, revenue, and turnover rate. The system automatically digs into information on restaurants' direct competitors from a database and presents a graphic view of their performance in comparison to their competitors' performance.

car sale mobile and web app


Dazzled Cars is an app for iPhone & Android that connects car enthusiasts via a dedicated social network and auto marketplace. Enthusiasts can share pictures, videos, and other content about their passion cars while connecting to the community to vote and comment. Dealers and individual seller can use the marketplace to list cars for sale and browse for new purchases. Dazzled Car users can also create event notifications and stay up to date with auto events anywhere in the world.

slyde music mobile and web app

Slyde™ Music Distribution Platform

Dalmet Technologies designed and built a suite of tools for Slyde, consisting of easy web-based publishing tools for artists, admin console with dashboard and reporting, and a content-rich mobile app for fans on iPhone & Android. Artists can upload music singles or albums, add artwork, lyrics, articles, and video - and the Slyde platform seamlessly packages it all into living mobile music magazines. For each artist, fans can dive into a stack of diverse content coupled with a dedicated music player, easily listen to tracks while browsing lyrics, liner notes, interviews, documentaries, and contests.

slyde music mobile and web app

MyInfo Suite

Smash Technologies' MyInfo Suite is the mobile app designed to manage personal and family information on a mobile device. Securely transfer information to peers and other requesting entities. MyInfo provides users with the ability to Request information from other users through the use of custom forms. Requesting information is as easy as selecting the custom form and scanning the QR Code generated by the providing user. Save the information on the device or email the data to another user.

health and fitness mobile app


Talisman is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that enables users to discover, follow, and save content around Health & Fitness. Based on age, gender, and pregnancy, users can tap into a wealth of recommended news & articles from trusted organizations and media. Talisman users can browse and save their favorite videos and content around wellness, meditation, and relaxing music. Talisman's fitness resources contain numerous guides & techniques for yoga, aerobics, cardio, breathing, and more.

Approach & Process


Our design lead will work with your team to finalize user experience, visual design, and clickable prototypes. This is an important first step as it uncovers all needed functionality, removes experience friction, and informs development scope. It's also an early way to truly see your product come alive!


Our decades of experience in different technologies, languages, and platforms help us to select right technology for our customers. We are also open to work on any technology that our customer prefer to meet their business goal. We take an iterative process when building software, corresponding to mutually agreed milestones. Each iteration is tested on a development server, and then pushed to a test environment.


Dalmet Technologies takes application and data security seriously. We adhere to strict security standards. All sensitive data is always encrypted while en-route to server and confidentiality is always maintained. Our methodology includes assessing the application threats, securing the network, servers, database and application based on the security needs, and incorporating security into software development process.


During the testing period, we provide access to easy tools such as Bugzilla and Mantis, which allows both the Dalmet team and you to test the product(s), and send quick feedback and tweaks to the developers.


We have extensive experience working with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and several other cloud platforms and we have successfully launched around 20 products in the past.


Custom Software Development

We develop, deploy and maintain customized web/desktop/mobile applications which can be capitalized to improve your business solutions. Our experienced system analysts and programmers can work with you starting from requirement analysis to application development and maintenance.


We offer end-to-end machine learning based solutions that involve data analysis, data collection, discovering and visualizing the data to gain insight, prepare the data for machine learning algorithms, select and train the model, fine-tune the model, integrate, launch, monitor, and maintain the system.

Cloud based IT infrastructure

We choose the right cloud platform to run your application or to move your existing application from on-premise to cloud. We deliver secure, scalable and highly available cloud architecture. Our architecture enables rapid adjustment of resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

Business Intelligence and Dashboard

We build tools that translate your company's operational data into decision-making data. We build the user interface that presents information in simple graphs and charts, and allows users to filter and drill-down data. Data information is delivered in different formats that help decision-makers.

Why Dalmet Technologies?

Dalmet Technologies was founded in June 2012 by a team of engineers with a background in the federal government and private sectors. We have a unique combination of expertise in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of Enterprise Web Applications, Machine-Learning Applications, Mobile Applications, Cloud Infrastructures, and Databases/Data Warehouses. Our team is ready to tackle any challenge, with years of experience working with enterprises, government agencies, non-profits, and start-ups. We strive to understand every aspect of your goals and make them our own.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    At Dalmet Technologies, customer success is our top priority. Our view at Dalmet Technologies is that product features are driven by business objectives and strategies. We take a holistic approach to product development and believe it is essential that we discuss with you to understand all aspects of your near and long-term goals before suggesting specific features and related pricing. We can not only accomplish your near-term goals but help you expand the app's capabilities to engage more users.

  • Experience

    The company is owned and managed by experienced software professionals who play an active role in project development and delivery. Our team has decades of experience in building robust solutions based on clients' requirement and business needs. We build system architecture, implementation, and deployment plan based on our years of experience working with all size of businesses. Our software product development secures scalable and extensible software applications for our clients.

  • Expertise

    Dalmet Technologies utilizes the industry's leading technologies such as Tensorflow & Keras for Machine learning, MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node), Java Enterprise Edition, .NET Framework ( ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), Django Web Framework (Python), iOS (Objective-C / Swift), Android, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, SAP Sybase IQ, Redis, Amazon AWS (EC2, Auto Scaling, CloudFront/CDN, Route 53, RDS, S3, ElastiCache, Redshift, ElasticSearch, Elastic Load Balancing), SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau, DOMO, ColdFusion, PHP, ReactJS, Ionic Framework, Ext JS, Sencha Touch, JQuery, Dojo, Bootstrap & many more. We offer application development that can fit your budget and edges out the competition for similar-quality services. We strive to gain your satisfaction in all tasks we complete.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions/comments/feedback about the services we offer, or if you want any generic/specific information about Dalmet Technologies.

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